Get of the beaten track and be different from the common traveller. Take a “walkabout” through this splendid Norwegian nature. This picturesque scenery can only be grasped by actually being there; smelling the fresh mountain air and the distinct smell of the Norwegian pinewood, seeing the stunning falls and snow covered mountaintops and meeting other travellers crossing your path.

Whether you choose to walk the whole trail or only parts of it, you will have an incredible experience worthwhile. Expected use of time to hike the whole of the Rondanetrail is about 20 days.

The Rondanetrail, is a collaboration between ‘DNT Oslo og Omegn’, Nannestad and Eidsvoll municipality, Hamar og Hedmarken Turistforening and Lillehammer og Omland Turistforening.

The hike stretches from Bjørvika in Oslo, up through Nordmarka and the ridges of Romerike up to Nannestad. It passes the north side of the National Airport, and passes the historic Eidsvollbuilding. Further on the track crosses Vorma south of Mjøsa and follows Hedmarksvidda on the east side of Mjøsa. It turns north just east of Lillehammer and rides the ridges on the eastside of Gudbrandsdalen. It enters a web of tracks in Rondane just before Gråhøgdbu, and crosses Rondane from south to north. The hike ends by Hjerkinn on Dovre.